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Trick Photography Websites, Forums and Directories

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If you are interested with Trick Photography but don’t know where to start, you will possibly try to check out most websites, forums and directories about it that you can find online. With almost hundreds of them in the internet, you wouldn’t possibly know what you are going to check first, due to that you may eventually check out the list provided below and know the details that you can get out of those sites.

Before you move ahead, click here and see the official page of Trick Photography Guru Evan Sharboneau’s Online Course.

Photo Extremist ( – the Photo Extremist is a website made by the popular photographer and photo manipulator, Evan Sharboneau who was known by his creation of the eBook, Trick Photography and Special Effects. It gives you all your needed unique video tutorials when it comes to Trick Photography as you will learn how to do everything while watching Evan doing and demonstrating each techniques and tips right in front of you. You can also see Evan in his different accounts like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Improve Photography ( – Improve Photography was created by a professional and hobbyist photographer, Jim Harmer. It was created in the 17th of February, 2011, but despite being almost one of the new websites, it is already one of the most popular websites where you can probably learn a lot of key notes especially in the field of landscape photography.

Exposure Guide ( – Exposure Guide is actually a shop that offers Photography eBooks and Camera Guides, you can also find some useful photography basics, tips and as well as some useful image editing techniques that you can used in order to have basic and professional knowledge in the field of photography.

Digital Photography Review ( – Digital Photography Review is one of the oldest website that is running right now and it offers a variety of information about digital photography, digital imaging technology and digital cameras. It also has a forum, Digital Photography Review Forum ( which was established since January 1999.  There are also some useful buying and sample guides that you can use as your basis when you are checking out some websites. Aside from cameras, there are also some information that you can find about printers, mobile phones, and software.

Digital Photography School ( – Digital Photography School is one of the simple websites that discusses some useful tips about photography that is very useful for both starters and professional photographers. It was created by Darren Rowse which previously operated a digital camera review site. There is also an available forum in the website where you can have some interaction with other members and share your knowledge to each other.

Photography on the Net ( – Photography on the Net is a Canon Digital Photography forum which discusses almost every things that you should know when it comes to the use of cameras of Canon  and as well as some guide about it.

The Photo Forum ( – the Photo forum was launched in March, 2010 and has served many photographers ever since and they cover up different models of almost all DSLR cameras and other digital point and shoot cameras. You could also enjoy variety of topics that includes almost everything about photography.

Photography Directory Project ( – the Photography Directory Project was described to be a website that contains different links that can be used to find photographer and other sites that is related in the field of Photography. 

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Trick Photography Magazine

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For almost everything, learning is the basic backbone in order to have all the needed knowledge for you to succeed in a certain field.  This is also the same when it comes to photography, learning is very important so that you will know everything you need about this field. One of the secret that you will get from some of the professional photographers out there and a common tip that they will give to you is to “keep learning,” and the usual thing to do this to check out different books and magazines that you can find in the internet.

I strognly recommend Trick Photography and Special Effects ebook by Evan Sharboneau. Click here and have a look

Even before you totally went out and spend your money for some ultimate brands of camera, it is the best to have some subscription first in different photo magazines in order for you to check out few photos taken by professional photographers and study each of it, and also learn a lot more things straight from the one who took each photos. If you don’t have any idea about some of the magazines that you can check out, here is some of it.

Photography Monthly – Photography Monthly is a magazine from United Kingdom and is very popular from almost all different photography enthusiasts around the world. It offers a variety of things that you have to learn when it comes to photography. From basic inspiration of choices of models, information about different areas of photography, taking photos for entertainment and some instructions that teach each enthusiast about photography, everything is being offered by Photography Monthly.

Practical Photography – Practical Photography is a popular magazine in Britain and is considered to be one of the most useful photography magazines that you can find out there. It offers different tips about photography as well as some useful information in how you could be able to produce best pictures out from your camera. It also gives out some answers to the questions of the readers and produces some useful articles.

Outdoor Photography – Outdoor Photography is a magazine that is known all around the British countryside and as well as its wildlife. It is best for enthusiasts who need a lot inspiration when it comes to photography. It is very informative and contains a lot of useful articles which may give you a lot more opportunities.

Digital Camera Magazine – If you are fascinated the use of different digital cameras then you really have to subscribe with the Digital Camera Magazine. Digital Camera Magazines offers all the needed information that enthusiasts should know when it comes to digital cameras with their various useful reviews about the current digital cameras that you can find in the current market.

Digital Photographer – England – Digital Photographer is one of the British photography magazines out there that offer a lot of things that you should learn about photography. It basically offers everything from simple lessons to tutorials on how to edit, shoot and create various digital photos. It also includes some reviews, news, and information that is related to photography.

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Trick Photography Ideas and Activities for Kids

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Taking photos is not just for us adults, but as well as for some kids who wants to learn and has been dreaming of becoming a great photographer once they are already adult. Due to that, they might also be interested in getting to know some techniques and tricks from the book of Evan, which is the Trick Photography and Special Effect. All methods discussed in it are all simple and easy, and can be done by your kids with just some simple demonstrations.


Well, you will be proud to see your kids doing some mind blowing and amazing kinds of pictures with the use of their cameras. The book is their chance to be indulged in the whole world of photography and it is surely ideal to teach them while they are kids so that they are already masters of trick photography once they are already adults. They can also use this as their talents in schools, and make their teachers proud as well.

Due to that, you would eventually be interested in some things that you can do to encourage your kids to pursue photography as one of their hobbies and let them realize how great it is. Actually, there are so many ways to successfully do that and the first thing that you should consider is the motivation that you can give. As a parent, it is ideal if you will be the one to teach them the basics of photography and serves to be their first photography teacher. Simple lessons like how to click the camera could be a great help for them as they will not surely understand the manuals that you we used to read in order to learn.

You can also teach and let them realize that taking photos is fun, you can tell them how great their photos are, but it could be better if they will be doing this and so on and so on. Kids tend to try harder than us so eventually they would be able to create wonderful photos with their young mind.

The most possible model for them is actually their other playmates, and so they have to know as well as you on how they would be able to take a good photo of other children. The first thing that they should learn is being patient. Well, kids will be just excited to take photos here and then, but it could be better if they are going to wait for the right opportunity to take a photo of someone, maybe while smiling widely and playing with their toys.

For best guidance of your children when it comes to photography, you can try to buy some books online like the Click Click Click!: Photography for Children written by George Sullivan which totally gives out some easy tips on how children would be able to take some good photographs. It is very informative and has a lot of photos which can serve to be a guide to your kid.

To learn more about how to make trick photography simple for kids, click this link and rush to the official page of the Trick Photography and Special Effects Online Course.

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Check Out Who is Evan Sharboneau and How Got Famous Across the Internet

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Join Photography Master Class

If you are a photographer, photo manipulator or an artist, Evan Sharboneau is someone whom you have to know. This is guy is known for his unique tutorials, images and as well his eBook entitled, Trick Photography and Special Effects. The book definitely discusses everything that you have to know when it comes to trick photography, and as well as some effect that is quite helpful in doing some photo manipulations. Thousands of people are already using the book and many and many more is starting to share their created magical photos all around the world. Yes, that is how great Evan Sharboneau is, but to know him better; let us know more details about him.

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Evan Sharboneau: Who is he?

Basically, the name Evan Sharboneau started to surface all over the Internet when his well-known eBook was released on the market. He is known for being one of those photographers who believes that expensive camera is not needed for you to have good photographs and he, himself has also started across the field of photography with only the use of some cheap cameras in the market and could  use it for the longest of time, even before he totally decided to buy something more expensive than it.

What matters are the photographer and his or her ability to use the camera in an interesting and artistic way,” that is what Evan had shared to be the secret of his photography. At the age of 19, his name was already known in the market because of his techniques being shared about trick photography and having some amazingly taken pictures, which show off different kind of effects, lightings and as well as some obscure subjects.

Actually, Evan is just like the same of other starters and beginners out there during the old times. He always wanted to know how to create and eventually have those amazing photos that you can be seen all over the Internet, but he doesn’t have enough money to take some courses about it; he only has some passion and determination, which eventually make him reach on where he is right now. He doesn’t have any upgraded equipment nor much knowledge about photography, but he tried, and experimented, and that is where Evan Sharboneau started  to be a known name in the market.

Trick Photography and Special Effects

This is the eBook that was created by Evan Sharboneau which contains comprehensive tutorials about the things you can possibly do in order to execute the right trick photography. It contains 295 pages of useful guides and instructions, almost over 300 photographs and a nine hour long of video tutorials. The goal of the book is just to get people taking great photos”, that was he said over one of his e-mails. Even though the methods are simple, the process of doing it and his hardship in discovering those tricks had totally consume him a lot of experimentation, but, everything has been paid for now.

Watch this Short Video Tutorial from Evan, and check out how easy he makes the photography related stuff.

To learn more about trick photography ideas click this link and rush to the official page of the Trick Photography and Special Effects Online Course.

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Know the History of Digital Photography, Old Tricks and Techniques

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If you are into photography, and were able to come up and deal with some trick photography techniques, then surely, you will be amazed to check out the Trick Photography and Special Effects Book. This book gives you a lot of information when it comes to techniques, tricks and some ideas that will surely give you a productive and unique type of photos wherein your friends will surely amaze in how possible is that. You can totally learn everything with just a short time of reading this book, but actually, there is a great history of digital photography, old tricks and techniques that not all of us know. Yes, you may be surprised, but after you know the history of it, you will surely be amazed of it.

The History

During the 20th century, the use of trick photography has started and was used to be done in toning some cyanotype. This is possible as they had eventually changed the color of the iron in the printed product, but in 1856, tricks and techniques of photography has been used to create some amazing optical illusions and some great effects. It was done by Oscar Rejlander who was a Swedish photographer. He had joined different sections of a total of 30 negatives and produces just one image out of it. This image was called to be the “The Two Ways of life.”

A few years later, in 1895, the first ever special effect that was done in motion pictures was possibly made by Alfred Clark. While the filming for the reenactment of the Queen of Scots is ongoing, he had asked one of the actors to go up in a block and the camera that he was using suddenly stopped just by the time when the executioner holds the axe above his head. And that was the first time that trick has become useful in direct filming.

Just the following year, in 1896, a French magician named Georges Mêliés had accidentally discovered the trick that was done by Alfred Clark when suddenly his camera was jammed while he is filming in some streets and area in Paris. When he tried to check out the film, he was surprised to see that the scenario was totally changed as the truck had become a hearse, the pedestrians had changed its directions and the men had become women. Due to that, Mêliés created almost 500 short films and try to create more tricks and techniques about different dissolves and exposures and as well as the time lapse photography. And just like that, Georges Mêliés was dubbed by many as the “Cinemagician.” Click here to see 5 People doing time-lapse photography right.

Learn Good Old Photography Trick to Shoot Zombie Portrait

Just in time with the Halloween, you will be surely interested in checking out what are some of the photo tricks that you would possibly do in order to have some scary and zombie portrait. Due to that, you will surely need to check this out.

Time-lapse Photography Trick

It seems that time – lapse photography is back again to the current generation right now and was being used even by the professional photographers of the modern society. This is a photography trick wherein you are going to capture images very much slower compared to a normal video but can be actually played with a standard speed and sometimes considered to be a short video film. Check out this video made from this trick:

If you are inclined to learn some basic and advanced photography tricks and techniques, then check out Evan’s Official Page.

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