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Master the Trick Photography Tricks and Special Effects | Book Review

Know the History of Digital Photography, Old Tricks and Techniques

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Trick photo, decapitated man with bloody knife, holding his head

Trick photo, decapitated man with bloody knife, holding his head

If you are into photography, and were able to come up and deal with some trick photography techniques, then surely, you will be amazed to check out the Trick Photography and Special Effects Book. This book gives you a lot of information when it comes to techniques, tricks and some ideas that will surely give you a productive and unique type of photos wherein your friends will surely amaze in how possible is that. You can totally learn everything with just a short time of reading this book, but actually, there is a great history of digital photography, old tricks and techniques that not all of us know. Yes, you may be surprised, but after you know the history of it, you will surely be amazed of it.

The History

During the 20th century, the use of trick photography has started and was used to be done in toning some cyanotype. This is possible as they had eventually changed the color of the iron in the printed product, but in 1856, tricks and techniques of photography has been used to create some amazing optical illusions and some great effects. It was done by Oscar Rejlander who was a Swedish photographer. He had joined different sections of a total of 30 negatives and produces just one image out of it. This image was called to be the “The Two Ways of life.”

A few years later, in 1895, the first ever special effect that was done in motion pictures was possibly made by Alfred Clark. While the filming for the reenactment of the Queen of Scots is ongoing, he had asked one of the actors to go up in a block and the camera that he was using suddenly stopped just by the time when the executioner holds the axe above his head. And that was the first time that trick has become useful in direct filming.

Just the following year, in 1896, a French magician named Georges Mêliés had accidentally discovered the trick that was done by Alfred Clark when suddenly his camera was jammed while he is filming in some streets and area in Paris. When he tried to check out the film, he was surprised to see that the scenario was totally changed as the truck had become a hearse, the pedestrians had changed its directions and the men had become women. Due to that, Mêliés created almost 500 short films and try to create more tricks and techniques about different dissolves and exposures and as well as the time lapse photography. And just like that, Georges Mêliés was dubbed by many as the “Cinemagician.” Click here to see 5 People doing time-lapse photography right.

Learn Good Old Photography Trick to Shoot Zombie Portrait

Just in time with the Halloween, you will be surely interested in checking out what are some of the photo tricks that you would possibly do in order to have some scary and zombie portrait. Due to that, you will surely need to check this out.

Time-lapse Photography Trick

It seems that time – lapse photography is back again to the current generation right now and was being used even by the professional photographers of the modern society. This is a photography trick wherein you are going to capture images very much slower compared to a normal video but can be actually played with a standard speed and sometimes considered to be a short video film. Check out this video made from this trick:

If you are inclined to learn some basic and advanced photography tricks and techniques, then check out Evan’s Official Page.

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