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Photography Master Class

Welcome again. I am sure that you must have read my Trick Photography Book Review.

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However, here I am going to throw some light on the actual lessons and digital photography tips offered in the second module of the book. The idea behind this post is to let you know precisely which photography methods this guide and video tutorials would teach you.

As I have previously mentioned, 2nd edition of the Trick Photography and Special Effects Book by Evan Shaboneau is in PDF format. It’s not only an outstanding guide for beginners, but a valuable source of information for professionals too. Evan has literally demonstrated all sorts of basics in much detail. He has made it so simple, that even a layman can take mind-twisting images and can make family, and friends bolt from the blue.

There are a number of photography tips for beginners that have been introduced in this segment. Below are a few typical tricks that you can discover:

image you can click without using photoshop

  • Forced Perspective
  • Levitation Photography
  • The Invisible Man
  • Monitor Droste
  • Shadow Heart
  • Rotating Perspective
  • Unscrewed Light Bulb
  • Upside-Down Reflections
  • Reflections in Animal Eye
  • Transparent Computer Screen

As far as I am concerned, Forced Perspective is my favorite. It seemed to me the simplest trick to begin with. With this technique, you can create optical illusion of people and objects appearing to be larger or smaller than what they actually are. This is a classic technique where in a picture, it appears like you are holding someone on your hand, crushing a huge object under your foot, grabbing a mountain peak or a tall tower. You can even play with clouds. If you are fond of traveling and more often visit ancient monuments, then this in-camera illusions trick, done without any software could be very attention-grabbing.

Below are some of the methods that could be suitable for experts:


  • Double Exposure
  • Infrared Photos
  • Bubble Macro Photography
  • 360×180 Planet Panoramas
  • High Speed Flash Photography
  • 3D Stereoscopic Photography

Professionals can try hand and master Bubble Macro Photography. Bokeh, The Orten Effect and Double Exposure tricks are also awesome, where Evan has taught how to combine two images.

Exciting High Speed Flash Photography technique is also there, where you can take crystal clear high-speed photos using flashes. You will be able to take photos of food blowing up, water splashing, and glass shattering. Well-liked Vegetable splashing trick is also given with video tutorial so that anyone can imitate it. Evan shares flash and food photography tips with required tools, and various camera settings to take this kind of high speed flash photos.

Chapter on how to take Infrared Photos is astonishing. Secrets reveled in this portion makes the subject matter so easy that I am sure you would fall in love with this e-book.

For skilled photographers, tutorial about 3D Stereoscopic Photography is mentioned. This shows how to create 3D photos and view them using 3D Glasses, Cross-Eye. Another interesting technique for skilled guys is HDR Photography, which allows to make the highlights and shadows more visible in a picture.

For serious ones, 360×180 Planet Panoramas trick is discussed, and video tutorials are given. Tutorial for this trick will introduce step-by-step methods to take a handheld panorama and stitch it together using a free software program called Hugin.

I have highlighted a few here, but there are lots of other unique stuffs. Some topics are easy, and some are tough. Hence, one can start with simplest and later can try advance methods. As we all know practice makes man perfect and with this eBook, learning digital photography would be a kind of catwalk.

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