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Check Out Who is Evan Sharboneau and How Got Famous Across the Internet

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If you are a photographer, photo manipulator or an artist, Evan Sharboneau is someone whom you have to know. This is guy is known for his unique tutorials, images and as well his eBook entitled, Trick Photography and Special Effects. The book definitely discusses everything that you have to know when it comes to trick photography, and as well as some effect that is quite helpful in doing some photo manipulations. Thousands of people are already using the book and many and many more is starting to share their created magical photos all around the world. Yes, that is how great Evan Sharboneau is, but to know him better; let us know more details about him.

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Evan Sharboneau: Who is he?

Basically, the name Evan Sharboneau started to surface all over the Internet when his well-known eBook was released on the market. He is known for being one of those photographers who believes that expensive camera is not needed for you to have good photographs and he, himself has also started across the field of photography with only the use of some cheap cameras in the market and could  use it for the longest of time, even before he totally decided to buy something more expensive than it.

What matters are the photographer and his or her ability to use the camera in an interesting and artistic way,” that is what Evan had shared to be the secret of his photography. At the age of 19, his name was already known in the market because of his techniques being shared about trick photography and having some amazingly taken pictures, which show off different kind of effects, lightings and as well as some obscure subjects.

Actually, Evan is just like the same of other starters and beginners out there during the old times. He always wanted to know how to create and eventually have those amazing photos that you can be seen all over the Internet, but he doesn’t have enough money to take some courses about it; he only has some passion and determination, which eventually make him reach on where he is right now. He doesn’t have any upgraded equipment nor much knowledge about photography, but he tried, and experimented, and that is where Evan Sharboneau started  to be a known name in the market.

Trick Photography and Special Effects

This is the eBook that was created by Evan Sharboneau which contains comprehensive tutorials about the things you can possibly do in order to execute the right trick photography. It contains 295 pages of useful guides and instructions, almost over 300 photographs and a nine hour long of video tutorials. The goal of the book is just to get people taking great photos”, that was he said over one of his e-mails. Even though the methods are simple, the process of doing it and his hardship in discovering those tricks had totally consume him a lot of experimentation, but, everything has been paid for now.

Watch this Short Video Tutorial from Evan, and check out how easy he makes the photography related stuff.

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