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If you are interested with Trick Photography but don’t know where to start, you will possibly try to check out most websites, forums and directories about it that you can find online. With almost hundreds of them in the internet, you wouldn’t possibly know what you are going to check first, due to that you may eventually check out the list provided below and know the details that you can get out of those sites.

Before you move ahead, click here and see the official page of Trick Photography Guru Evan Sharboneau’s Online Course.

Photo Extremist ( – the Photo Extremist is a website made by the popular photographer and photo manipulator, Evan Sharboneau who was known by his creation of the eBook, Trick Photography and Special Effects. It gives you all your needed unique video tutorials when it comes to Trick Photography as you will learn how to do everything while watching Evan doing and demonstrating each techniques and tips right in front of you. You can also see Evan in his different accounts like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Improve Photography ( – Improve Photography was created by a professional and hobbyist photographer, Jim Harmer. It was created in the 17th of February, 2011, but despite being almost one of the new websites, it is already one of the most popular websites where you can probably learn a lot of key notes especially in the field of landscape photography.

Exposure Guide ( – Exposure Guide is actually a shop that offers Photography eBooks and Camera Guides, you can also find some useful photography basics, tips and as well as some useful image editing techniques that you can used in order to have basic and professional knowledge in the field of photography.

Digital Photography Review ( – Digital Photography Review is one of the oldest website that is running right now and it offers a variety of information about digital photography, digital imaging technology and digital cameras. It also has a forum, Digital Photography Review Forum ( which was established since January 1999.  There are also some useful buying and sample guides that you can use as your basis when you are checking out some websites. Aside from cameras, there are also some information that you can find about printers, mobile phones, and software.

Digital Photography School ( – Digital Photography School is one of the simple websites that discusses some useful tips about photography that is very useful for both starters and professional photographers. It was created by Darren Rowse which previously operated a digital camera review site. There is also an available forum in the website where you can have some interaction with other members and share your knowledge to each other.

Photography on the Net ( – Photography on the Net is a Canon Digital Photography forum which discusses almost every things that you should know when it comes to the use of cameras of Canon  and as well as some guide about it.

The Photo Forum ( – the Photo forum was launched in March, 2010 and has served many photographers ever since and they cover up different models of almost all DSLR cameras and other digital point and shoot cameras. You could also enjoy variety of topics that includes almost everything about photography.

Photography Directory Project ( – the Photography Directory Project was described to be a website that contains different links that can be used to find photographer and other sites that is related in the field of Photography. 

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February 20th, 2014 at 1:27 pm