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Before you Buy Trick Photography and Special Effects Book, Here is an Honest Review!

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Welcome to my Trick Photography Book Review.

First of all, I would like to affirm that I only write reviews of the products that I use personally and find them valuable. I am not a photo expert, but you can assume that photography is more a passion to me, than a hobby. Hence, one day I found this Trick Photography and Special Effects Book, and I made up my mind to test it.

After using it for a couple of months, I found this info product unique and decided to pen down a review.

If I have to summarize Trick Photography Book, then I would say:

Trick Photography and Special Effects is not just an e-book. It’s an ultimate guide of Tricks, Techniques and Ideas that create Mind-twisting images. One can master the art of trick photography with the help of this one of the best online photography courses by Evan Sharboneau, which consists a 291 pages e-book and 9+ hours of video tutorials.

To reach out directly to the official page of Trick Photography Book, you may click here.

To tell you my story, last year my brother gifted me a DSLR camera on my birthday, and I was very desperate to use this beautiful equipment in a substantive way. Though I had a basic knowledge of using normal point-and-shoot digital camera, but to operate a professional-looking DSLR camera was a big challenge for me. As I studied the Book and video tutorials, I was surprised by the fact that how Trick Photography and Special Effects Book made the whole photography concept crystal clear in my mind. Nevertheless, I am happy to say that this Book made everything easy and simple for me.

The author of the book Evan Sharboneau is very true when he says:

It’s the image that matters, not the brand of a camera it was taken with.

I would also like to state that Evan has created this Book to share some of the tricks he has learned over the years so that readers can inspire to create artistic images on their own.

This Book is structured in a way that while beginners can gain step-by-step knowledge about useful technical terms and various aspects of cameras and photography in general, experienced photographers can skip those sections and jump directly to the actual ideas and tricks to replicate them. Readers can also take a clue from the video tutorials.

Thus no matter if you are a normal next door guy or a photo expert, there is a lot to learn for everyone in the Trick Photography and Special Effects Book.

You may click here to reach out directly to the official page of Trick Photography Book and see for yourself what lies there for you.

In my Trick Photography Book Review, If I have to narrate a bit about the actual book and its content, then I would like to inform you that current version is the 2nd and latest Edition of the book with Photography and Photoshop instructions, along with 9+ hours of Trick Photography Video Tutorials. It also contains bonus e-book related to photography and a news section in the member’s area where you can get regular updates from the author.

Cost of the whole bunch of study material is only $47.

This Book is divided into 4 sections. Each section contains following aspects:

Preliminaries: Brief introduction about cameras, lenses and image editing software Adobe Photoshop. Main focus of this section is to make the reader familiar with technicalities of photography and various settings in camera. This short and simple narration makes basics of photography crystal clear.

Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting: Evan has taught how to use various light sources to capture the mind-boggling pictures. You will be amazed to know that by using a normal kind of household light objects like flashlights, LEDs, Christmas Lights you can create ultimate photographs.

Trick Photography and Special Effects: Incredible tricks and techniques have been shared in this section, which are very easy to replicate. Once you learn these techniques and implement them, your friends and family members will be surprised with your photography skills. I have no doubt about that, as I have captured many stunning pictures using these techniques. Many of these techniques can be implemented in-camera, without using any kind of software.

Photoshop Projects: This section teaches you how to integrate image editing software Adobe Photoshop to add value to an image and manipulate them to give them a new tricky look.

Most Important fact about Trick Photography Book:

Apart from an e-book, Evan has recorded more than 9+ hours of high-quality HD video tutorials. Once you go through the Book, watching these videos where Evan implements the techniques visually, in real time and step-by-step, makes the whole subject pretty simple.

These video tutorials along with the Book make this entire collection worth keeping in a safeguard for future reference.

My conclusion: No matter if you are a newbie or a photo expert, there is no alternative to Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau.

You may find some more aspects of Trick Photography and Special Effects in my other posts.

And before you go through them, I strongly recommend you to click here to go the official page of Evan Sharboneau to know what he actually wants to share with you.

Are you looking for Light Painting Photography Tutorial?

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I once again welcome you to my web page.

If you are looking for Light Painting Photography Tutorial, then this is the right place to get informed.

I have created this topical website to share information about a unique online product called Trick Photography and Special Effects Book by Evan Sharboneau. This book contains a detailed chapter on the topic of Light Painting Photography.

Click here to get this book right away or to have some more detail.

Here you will be able to read my honest Trick Photography Book Review.

This post is basically to talk about a very interesting technique called Light Painting Photography or Light Drawing, which is discussed in detail in the above-mentioned Book. Whole section is dedicated to the topics of Light Painting Photography, Light Painting tools, Light Painting techniques, and Light Painting ideas.

Being a newbie, I found this section as a formal Light Painting Photography Tutorial, which is in the form of an e-book and also have several videos. In these videos, the author of the book Evan has demonstrated these techniques. He makes the whole journey so easy that a learner starts enjoying imitating his methods.

Light Painting Photography : Squiggels using battery operated LED Christmas lights

Light Painting Photography : Squiggles using battery operated LED Christmas lights

It taught me how to use various light painting tools or objects to capture tricky pictures. Light painting is a photography trick where you shine your flashlight on to your subject. It talks about what is long exposure, flashlights, colour temperature, basic camera settings, and how to focus lens in the dark. For Professionals, the author has also listed tools and equipment along with their Amazon links, so that they can easily access quality products.

Light Painting Tools: Detail description of different easy to use light painting tools is just awesome. Some of the tools are:

  • Flashlights
  • LEDs
  • Colourful Light Sticks
  • Glow Sticks
  • Flesh Gels
  • Flash Stencils
  • Cathodes, etc.

He also inspires to try new things, which actually led me to take pictures using a flashlight of my smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note and even headlight of my Honda City Car. My family members and friends were amazed seeing my photography skills, and they asked me to reveal the secret, which I didn’t!! Book also discusses advance equipment like Pop-Up Flashes and Off-Camera Flashes, Wireless Triggering and ND filters, that are of great use for professionals.

Light Painting Techniques: Artistic light drawing is very much dependent on camera settings. The way Evan has taught the basics of shutter speed mechanism, I am amazed. I got to know that usually shutter speed is a fraction of a second, but we can create artistic images by taking long exposure pictures. It basically means taking photographs in longer time frames that last from 30 seconds to several minutes. Just imagine of taking pictures where an event continues to take place for a large amount of time, and you capture each moment in your camera!

Light Painting Technique : Illuminated landscape with flashlight

Light Painting Technique : Illuminated landscape with flashlight

Light photography trick of creating spirals using light-headed source and a string is very entertaining. It also shows how to use different types of laser pens for drawing shapes, letters, and textures onto surfaces. Another interesting technique I found is to create thousands of sparks spinning off into the air by using steel wool and a few other simple tools. Techniques using laser pens and fiber optics are also astounding. Tricks of making squiggles and different shaped orbs using battery operated LED Christmas lights are such that even dummies can try it. Specific details are given about Solargraphy, which is basically to take Star Trail Photos and other fun long exposures using ND filters.

Light Painting Ideas: Apart from technical aspects, book also shares amazing light painting ideas. Idea of capturing Physiograms using a string tied to the end of a flashlight, and later using Photoshop to fine-tune the image is just fantastic. Among other crazy ideas, I must mention the trick of illuminating things using larger flash lights.

Light Painting Ideas : Blurring watefalls

Light Painting Ideas : Blurring watefalls

Light painting ideas that I liked most are capturing lightening moments in rainy season, at beaches, waterfalls and then blurring them.

Fire Dancing trick is also mentioned, but I must admit that newbies need not to try it out because playing with fire without proper technical guidance and experience can be dangerous. However, dummies can try firework sparkler in motion. A special article and video tutorial has been created to teach this concept.

Details about apps for the iPhone, iPhone Touch, iPad and Android are also given, which are designed for 3D Light Painting.

Other Light Painting Techniques and ideas included are Inverting, Camera Tossing and Abstracts Lights on wheels and hoops, Reflections and mirroring, Writing text, Combining different lights, Domes, Blending multiple exposures, Light Stitching, etc.

Thus, if you are a photo enthusiast and want to learn something new, then click here to reach out to the official page of Trick Photography and Special Effects Book.

Digital SLR Cameras – Strength of Photography Tools Manufacturers

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nikon d4 dslr camera

Makoto Kimura, president of Nikon Corp., holds a Nikon D4 digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera as he poses for a photograph at the company’s head office in Tokyo.
(Photo Courtsey Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg)

Photography industry is passing through changing times. Technology is upgrading at fast pace and photography tools manufacturing companies like Canon and Nikon are trying their best to keep themselves with this scenario. To maitain the growth rate, these companies are in the process to create products of mass use. Even so, the high-end digital cameras are still providing strength to these companies as this camera segment is very much in demand. Professional and amateur photographers still prefer DLSRs to try their hand on trick photography and special effects. Canon recently launched a new Digital SLR camera EOS 70D. On the other hand, Nikon is  in the process of creating a game-changing non-camera consumer product.

As far as mass user base is concern, mobile users are becoming habitual of taking pictures with their mobile phones. Click and share feature of Smart phones is becoming popular, especially in younger generation. Industry has also figured out that the Point-and-shoot camera sale is dropping, and Smartphone shipments are jumping.

This is the same reason photography giant Nikon is in the process of creating a non-camera consumer product to boost its revenue growth and to keep up its market share. However, the market share of Nikon’s high-end camera like D4-SLR is still intact and company is focusing to compensate its slowing revenue from compact camera segment from these high-end camera products.

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In an interview to Bloomberg, Nikon President Makoto Kimura confirmed this piece of information. Though, he did not clarify what type of product they have in the pipe line. Industry rumor is that Nikon is eyeing Smartphone users and may create its own Smartphone.

Kimura told, “We want to create a product that will change the concept of cameras. It could be a non-camera consumer product. Rapid expansion of mobile devices is a change in business environment given to us. Our task going forward is to find an answer to that change.”

Read this Bloomberg Interview of Nikon’s president to know more about its future plans.

Click here to know how you can do wonders with DSLR Cameras by creating mind-twisting pictures.

How Smartphone industry can affect the traditional photography market? Share your views.

Written by Minaxi Mehta

July 11th, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Is Canon’s New EOS 70D DSLR Camera to Revolutionize Auto focus Technology?

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canon new digital slr camera

Photography giant Canon has introduced a brand-new EOS 70D Digital SLR camera. Company claims to revolutionize the auto-focus technology with this brand-new instrument. It has been said that this latest technique will change the way users still images and video with DSLR cameras.

A note about the product on the official website of Canon says that this new technology unlocks the potential to capture video in live view with smooth auto-focus similar to  a camcorder. It also says that compositional options are now nearly limitless with the two real-world choices of Live View and viewfinder shooting.

Have a look at this exclusive video showing a few features of this camera.

The good news for the students of “Trick Photography and Special Effects Book” Program is that this new camera also empowers the photographer to expand creative possibilities with cutting-edge Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which is compatible with 103 Canon EF lenses. It’s built in wireless technology, and the EOS remote app further enhances shooting. A powerful DIGIC 5+ Image Processor supports continuous shooting up to 7.0 frames per second, as well as an extended ISO range of 100–12800 (H: 25600) that allows shooting in a wide variety of lighting conditions. More details can be seen on the official website of Canon to know more about this new Canon DSLR camera.

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No doubt that the EOS 70D digital SLR camera is ideal for Evan’s students to take more control of the photographic process for satisfying creative results and able to replicate techniques shared in the book more effectively. The model is priced at $1200 on Canon’s website.

Click here to know more about the Trick Photography and Special Effect Book.