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How To Peruse Trick Photography And Special Effects Course

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Photography that creates an illusion is basically defined as trick photography. The trick photography definition on Wikipedia narrates it as the illusion or tricks of the eye used to simulate the imagined events, which is traditionally divided into optical effects and mechanical effects. However, the emergence of digital photography tools has uniquely distinct and has associated it with modern equipment like DSLR cameras. This is the very subject of trick photography that has been discussed at length in this blog, just to provide beginners relative information at one go.

There are many resources available online on this subject in the form of write ups, blogs from renowned photo experts, and various magazines, which get published on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.

However, sometimes it’s become very puzzling for beginners and professional as well, where to start. They keep searching here and there for the right kind of the information. I had same experience when I was once looking for a course that can help me to use my newly bought DSLR camera. Taking a picture pressing the button is simple. Any layman can do it on any camera. Be it a point-and-shoot digital camera or advanced DSLR camera.

Nevertheless, acquiring fundamental knowledge of any tool and to be able to use it at its optimum capacity is desirable. Not only, it gives a sense of satisfaction, but also gives good results, and in this case mind-twisting images.

You may click here to see some mind-boggling images of Evan Sharboneau.

So, I did look for some days, and suddenly I stumble upon this only one of its kind online photography e-book and video course Trick Photography and Special Effects created by Evan Shaboneau.

I would emphasize that while a newbie goes through the Book, he might feel that tricks, ideas and methods discussed are a bit tough, but that’s not the case. As the reader goes through video tutorials, he finds that whatever is taught in the Book is relatively very easy to implement.

You can read my trick photography book review in another post. However, here I am just going to state briefly, how to pursue this study material in bit and pieces. Lessons are in the form of an e-book and several HD videos, that are separated into four sections:

Photography Master Class

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Long Exposure and Light Painting 
  3. Trick Photography and Special Effects
  4. Photoshop projects
  • I have gone through the course in detail, and could recommend that whether you are a novice or even a photo proficient, you must go through the preliminaries section first. Study of this part of the material would enable you to identify with basic technicalities of photography and various settings in DSLR cameras. For a newbie, it would be spanking-new information to consume, and for professionals, it would be a kind of a revision.
  • The second part of the course if Long Exposure Effects and Light Paintings. However, I would advise to skip this section for a while, and study the third part of the course which is Trick Photography and Special Effects. The reason I am suggesting to go over this material first is that I found trick photography ideas shared within this section simple, easy and interesting. Some of these tricks can be implemented with a normal point-and-shoot digital cameras, and also without any help of prospects or software.
  • Once you start using some of these techniques taught in the tutorial, you can then try Light Painting methods, which are a bit time-consuming and literary in nature, but very novel. You can afterwards learn about image editing software Adobe Photoshop in the fourth section.

learn mind-twisting tricks from evan

Apart from this little tip of when and where to start, I would also imply that the author of the book Evan has demonstrated himself step by step all major photography ideas in special video series. He has given links of each video within the theory text itself. So, when ever you read about a trick, just visit the relevant video instantly and watch it. That would make the whole subject very easy to understand and put into practice.

This e-book contains web links to useful contents of notable photo experts like Brent Pearson, Walter Woodbury, Scott Kelby, Webster Watts, Andrew Davidhazy. It also has a collection of exclusive trick photos of various photo gurus. One can inspire watching the talent of such photographers. Serious learners who want to make a career in photography may find this links as a gateway to the useful resources.

In the Book, Evan recommends cameras, lenses, UV filters, Tripods and their clickable links are also provided for ready reference so that readers can have a look of the exact equipment discussed by the author.

Click here to go directly to the official page of Evan Sharboneau.