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Master the Trick Photography Tricks and Special Effects | Book Review

Trick Photography Ideas and Activities for Kids

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Taking photos is not just for us adults, but as well as for some kids who wants to learn and has been dreaming of becoming a great photographer once they are already adult. Due to that, they might also be interested in getting to know some techniques and tricks from the book of Evan, which is the Trick Photography and Special Effect. All methods discussed in it are all simple and easy, and can be done by your kids with just some simple demonstrations.


Well, you will be proud to see your kids doing some mind blowing and amazing kinds of pictures with the use of their cameras. The book is their chance to be indulged in the whole world of photography and it is surely ideal to teach them while they are kids so that they are already masters of trick photography once they are already adults. They can also use this as their talents in schools, and make their teachers proud as well.

Due to that, you would eventually be interested in some things that you can do to encourage your kids to pursue photography as one of their hobbies and let them realize how great it is. Actually, there are so many ways to successfully do that and the first thing that you should consider is the motivation that you can give. As a parent, it is ideal if you will be the one to teach them the basics of photography and serves to be their first photography teacher. Simple lessons like how to click the camera could be a great help for them as they will not surely understand the manuals that you we used to read in order to learn.

You can also teach and let them realize that taking photos is fun, you can tell them how great their photos are, but it could be better if they will be doing this and so on and so on. Kids tend to try harder than us so eventually they would be able to create wonderful photos with their young mind.

The most possible model for them is actually their other playmates, and so they have to know as well as you on how they would be able to take a good photo of other children. The first thing that they should learn is being patient. Well, kids will be just excited to take photos here and then, but it could be better if they are going to wait for the right opportunity to take a photo of someone, maybe while smiling widely and playing with their toys.

For best guidance of your children when it comes to photography, you can try to buy some books online like the Click Click Click!: Photography for Children written by George Sullivan which totally gives out some easy tips on how children would be able to take some good photographs. It is very informative and has a lot of photos which can serve to be a guide to your kid.

To learn more about how to make trick photography simple for kids, click this link and rush to the official page of the Trick Photography and Special Effects Online Course.

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February 12th, 2014 at 1:23 pm

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